Natural and Artifical Robotics

This is the landing page for the University of Reading course, Natural and Artificial Robotics BI2NR21 for Autumn 2021. It supplements materials available on the university blackboard site. Announcements, screencasts and submission of work will be on the blackboard site ( .

Notes and screencasts by week (Only available with a University of Reading login)

For the version with transcripts watch on Microsoft Stream (button in bottom right hand corner of video)

Week 1

Introduction to engineering design (2:38 - starts at 0:56)

Week 2

A way to make a paper linkage (7:32)
Programs for 4 bar link design (11:49)

Week 3

Week 4

Design challenge 1. Stages 2 and 3

NR21: Bearings and rods (10:48)
NR21: 6. Portfolio submissions Due end of spring term 2022 (14:28)

Stumpy (

Preliminary design of bearing to fit the M4 bearing kit (8x12 flanged bearing). Design by Ross Wilson


Week 2: 4-bar linkages Wed 06-10-2021

Notes in svg. 6th October 2021

Week 3: bearings Tue 12-10-2021

Notes in svg. 6th October 2021