Biomechanics 2021

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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 7

The Efficient Engineer

Additional videos on bending movement and area moment of inertia from The Efficient Engineer

An Introduction to Stress and Strain
Understading shear force and bending moment diagrams
Understanding the Area Moment of Inertia

week 8

Biomechanics 21: Gait (32:07)

week 9

Biomechanics 24: The Hill muscle model (19:32)
Biomechanics 23: Muscle and tendon models (20:23)

week 10

Biomechanics 25: Motor control and the spine (15:42)
Biomechanics 26: The brain and motor control (22:25)

Revision lecture 11 March 2022

BI3BM17 - Revision Seminar Sound only ( (1:25:18)

W.S. Harwin 13/3/2022