The History of the Bells

Last updated 10th April 2007

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The history of the Goring bells

The history of the Streatley bells


Goring was originally a ring of six bells until 1929. As it says on the board in Goring:

St Thomas of Canterbury
The Bells
Tenor2'-11 3/4"8-0-21A
3rd2'-1 1/2"3-3-9F#
All cast in 1929 at the Whitechapel bell foundary - Mears & Stainbank, To replace a ring of six, Tenor 6-2-24 particulars as under :-
Tenorby Ellis Knight of Reading in 1626
5thby Ellis Knight of Reading in 1650
4thby Richard de Wymbish of London late 13th century
3rdProbably by John Saunders of Reading early 16th century
2ndby Ellis Knight of Reading in 1624
Trebleby John Warner of London in 1889

The fourth is preserved and hangs on the west wall of the nave, and the third hangs in the tower.


The Streatley bells were cast at different times, from 1649 to 1936. The 2 and the 6 were cast first, in 1649. The 3 followed, cast in 1661, then the 4 in 1737, the 5 in 1887 and finally the 1 in 1936.

WeightNoteDate CastDate Recast
Tenor 8-1-26 Ab Cast by Ellis Knight I1649-
5 6-1-8 Bb Cast by Mears and Stainbank1887-
4 5-1-18 C Cast by Richard Phelps17371978
3 3-2-23 Db Cast by Henry Knight II16611978
2 3-1-27 Eb Cast by Ellis Knight I1649-
Treble 3-3-20 F Cast by Mears and Stainbank17381936